Advantages of the cubitainers!

Advantages of the cubitainer packaging system compared with glass bottles,metal canisters and plastic jerry cans are as follows:
1.Low storage volume when empty
2.Low weight/volume ratio
3.High return of storage space when filled
4.Total emptying without ingress of air(oxygen)
5.Protection from light(outer carton box)
6.Excellent chemical property
7.Wide choice of dispensing methods
8.Can be UN packaging
9.Outer packaging can be easily print customised
10.After use,package is easily collapsed for economical disposal.also ability for end-user to break down used packaging reduces disposal costs,cubiliner is completely recyclable and spent container alleviates worry about secondary use and liability exposure unlike rigid packaging.
11.Works with your existing filling equipment,no need to modify your processes
12.The Lowest “full cost accounting”(FCA) liquid package compared with other type of package