cubitainer combination package

cubitainer combination package

Model No.︰CUB0000


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰3000 pc

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Product Description

The cubic flexible collapsible plastic container(cubitainer) is a liquid container consisted of cardboard and flexible plastic collapsible containers. Because of their excellent reliability and diversified application, it leads the industry as the best-selling products of this kind.
Cubitainers Application:
Pharmaceutical products (diagnostic reagents,lysing reagents,detergents,hematology reagents,isotonic diluents,cleaner,calibration buffers,PH buffers,other medical reagents etc.),veterinary products (serum,gel,etc.),chemicals(ink,liquid fertilizer,coating),cleaning products (bleach,etc),cosmetic products (cream, etc.),food products (flavourings,condiment,edible oil, liquid sugar, millet wine,Soy sauce,foodstuff additives,sake,mirin,plum wine,rice wine,syrups,etc.),liquid sampling(bunker sampler,fuel oil sampler,drip sampler,water sample analysis..)
Cubitainers Advantages:
1. Made of Low density molded polyethylene (LDPE)
2. The ultimate space saving package,saving space,save money,
3. Cube-shaped insert inside a heavy-duty corrugated outer carton
4. Easy to ship, easy to handle and pour
5. Empty inserts nest for low cost shipping and storage
6. Package easily collapsed for economical disposal after use,environmentally friendly
7. Perfect for a wide range of chemicals,compatible with wide range of products
8. Pull-out spout has precision injection molded threads
9. All styles come with 38mm HDPE cap or PP cap
10. Can be used to ship packaging group & hazardous materials
11. Extremely clean package
12. Customer made.
Specifications:   4L,5L,10L,15L,18L,20L(1 Gallon,1.25 Gallon,2.5 Gallon,3 Gallon,4.5 Gallon,5 Gallon) cubitainer or customer made cubitainer

Price Terms︰ EXW

Payment Terms︰ TT

Lead Time︰ in 20 days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001:2008

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